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After the cheap jerseys makes rules changes and pinpoints specific points of emphasis for officiating crews in the offseason, a group of officials make the rounds to NFL training camps to advise players, coaches and staff of the changes and new information. Gary Slaughter, the Central Region supervisor of officials, met with the media Friday in one of those visits at Pittsburgh Steelers camp to discuss the new protocol the league has implemented for checking footballs and recording air pressure measurements in the wake of the Deflategate saga. In the process, he readily admitted something wholesale jerseys commissioner Roger Goodell probably wishes he hadn’t: There have been issues with football wholesale jerseys cheap in the past. “These are man-made products,” Slaughter said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “There is a bladder and a valve. We have all checked them for many years. Sometimes when you check the ball in the locker room right out of the box, there could be a problem. They could have a slow leak, and you wouldn’t even know it at the time.” That the official footballs are known to have air containment issues that cause deflation of the balls and easily go undetected even to the most trained referees is incredibly valuable information to Brady’s defense. It’s more than reasonable to envision a scenario where the cheap jerseys wholesale Players Association calls Slaughter to testify and enters him as an expert specifically to repeat that very line. It also stands to reason that there could be a scenario in which the footballs checked before the AFC Championship Game had the very defective issue Slaughter described, and in the time period from when they were checked prior to kickoff to when they were checked again at halftime, they deflated enough to cause alarm. Coupled with the Ideal Gas Law explanation the New England Patriots have clung to (which makes more than enough sense on its own), there could be an answer here. Plus, that would explain why the Indianapolis Colts’ football had not deflated as much as New England’s when checked at halftime.

As the owner of a minor league indoor football team, Tommy Benizio is always looking for ways to draw fans to his arena, especially because he operates north of Dallas, home to more gold-plated alternatives like the Cowboys.

So a couple of years ago, he struck on the idea of recruiting a woman to play for his team, the Texas Revolution. Through a friend, he met Jen Welter, a well-spoken and accomplished linebacker who played for the Dallas Diamonds of the Women’s Football Alliance.

“The idea was cheap jerseys china, come to training camp and see how it goes, and maybe the Girl Scouts will buy tickets and we’ll get some exposure,” Benizio said.

But “she was so eager and on board and so serious about it and wanted to make the team,” he said, “so we had Jen play in a preseason game, and she immediately became a football sweetheart in Dallas.”

Welter, playing running back, made history as the first woman who was not a kicker to play for a men’s professional team. Last winter she made history again, joining the coaching staff of the all-male Revolution. And last week, when the Arizona Cardinals hired her to work with their inside linebackers for training camp and the preseason, she became the first female coach in the N.F.L.

The appointment generated a swirl of news media attention, but Welter, who maintains a promotional website and is active on social media, sought to play down the attention. In an interview, she said she would be satisfied just inspiring girls to succeed.

“I want little girls to grow up knowing wholesale jerseys china that when they put their mind to something, when they work hard, that they can do anything regardless” of the expectations of others, she said.

Still, for the N.F.L., there is much at stake as it tries to build on a growing pool of female fans while rebuilding an image damaged by a string of domestic violence cases involving players like Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy.

Welter’s debut comes three months after the N.F.L. hired its first full-time female referee, Sarah Thomas, who will begin calling games in the regular season starting next month. The N.F.L. has also hired women to fill key executive posts, including chief lobbyist, chief marketing officer, and adviser on domestic violence.

According to the league, 45 percent of its fans are female, a rise of several percentage points in the past few years. Sales of women’s licensed apparel have grown by double digits during the past five years and are the fastest-growing consumer product category.

While the new executives work largely out of public view, Welter and Thomas operate on the field in front of fans (like the female referees who have worked in the N.B.A. for several years) and thus have a chance to better broadcast the league’s ambitions.

Welter and Thomas said they were well aware of the larger problems affecting the league, including the focus on domestic violence. But they both remain focused on their jobs.